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 Owned and operated by Jane Verge, Happy Hounds was established in May 2009. It is a small, established daycare that offers a quality destination for dogs of all ages, sizes, play styles, and personalities. Happy Hounds offers supervised play, 3/4" rubber flooring, an outdoor area, the "Hound Lounge" and quality staff. We are proud to be beginning what is our 9th year in business on the Halifax Peninsula, and have many great plans for our future. 


Call Jane at 902-429-1342  to have your dog enrolled in the Happy Hounds day care!The following information will be required: owner name, dog name, contact number, breed, personality type, and type of rest area preferred.

Happy Hounds is pleased to offer various services to our canine friends and customers.  We also offer a variety of pet food and pet treats. Sublime Canine customers will receive a 10% discount on Fromm dog food. Please visit our Services page for more detailed information about our day care.

Doggy Daycare

Half Day: Consists of 5 hours or less

1 dog = $25
2 dogs = $40

One Day Pass: 

1 dog = $40 
2 dogs = $60

10 day pass: 

1 dog = $320 
2 dogs = $460

20 day pass: 

1 dog = $560 
2 dogs = $800

30 day pass:

1 dog = $750

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that you are unable to make your scheduled booking, please contact Happy Hounds by 8 am or earlier. Since often there is a waiting list, this will allow us to contact someone on that list. If we do not hear from you and you are a no show, one stamp will be on your card.

Late Fees:

Passes will be stamped twice if you are late for your scheduled booking.Passes that are not used for 6 months are no longer valid.


We are located at 6300 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, NS.

Since moving to our new location, parking is limited. There are 4 parking spots to the left when you enter the parking lot.