Happy Hounds was established in 2009. It is a small, established daycare that offers a quality destination for dogs of all ages, sizes, play styles, and personalities. Happy Hounds offers supervised play, 3/4" rubber flooring, an outdoor area, the "Hound Lounge" and quality staff. Happy Hounds also provides dog grooming and a selection of dog related product. 


Happy Hounds currently has a full enrollment. However, should an opening become available, new dogs will be selected from the waiting list. Call Jane at 902-429-1342 or drop by to be placed on the waiting list. The following information will be required: owner name, dog name, contact number, breed, personality type, and type of rest area preferred.

Happy Hounds is pleased to offer various services to our canine friends and customers.  We also offer a variety of pet food and pet treats. Sublime Canine customers will receive a 10% discount on Fromm dog food. Please visit our Services page for more detailed information about our day care.


Happy Hounds is pleased to offer an assortment of premium dog foods. We currently carry brands such as Fromm, Horizon Legacy and Pulsar, Pro series, and Now! as well as Fromm and Merrick canned foods. You can also find locally sourced treats here, such as the ever popular Crazy Dog brand, and Green Dog from Wild Mountain Farms located in the valley (and more)!

Thursday evenings we offer free dog food delivery with prepaid purchase on the Halifax Peninsula. Just give us a call at the shop to make arrangements for this service: 902-429-1342.


We are located at 6300 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, NS.

Since moving to our new location, parking is limited. There are 4 parking spots to the left when you enter the parking lot.